31 Days to Accessibility

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Unboxing some a11y basics, in small chunks – simple and easy to digest…

This page is the collection point of daily blog posts I am writing about accessibility during August of 2020.

What’s the Big Deal?

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Just sharing what I know in case it is helpful for anyone struggling with accessibility and online learning.

I’ve accepted a challenge to write a blog post for 31 days in a row about a topic, with the possible outcome of the collection of posts becoming the beginnings of a book. It’s called the Blog Your Own Book (BYOB) challenge.

You see, I’ve been wanting to write more, but I kept thinking about writing more than I was actually writing.

So, this challenge resonated with me as a fun opportunity to develop a writing habit, while also sharing some of the information I’ve gained that could be helpful for all the people dealing with online education.

A Quick-Start Guide for Accessibility

I decided to write posts that could serve as a helpful resource for educators who may be new to online education and accessibility.

A primary focus on sharing the essential steps for success and accessibility while dispelling anxiety or uncertainty about accessibility of online learning.

Life is overwhelming enough these days, so the plan is for short and sweet posts that get to the point of helping you get things done.

The Posts

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One post per day – usually around 3 to 5 minutes to read.

Here are the daily posts in the correct chronological order…