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I'm always happy to talk with you about your situation, and work out something appropriate for your needs. Here are some examples of how I have been able to provide support and success with accessibility in higher education.

Faculty Support

One of the greatest assets of any educational institution is the faculty. I have found that many faculty are eager to adopt workflows that address accessibility, once they are aware of what needs to be done and they have been provided with the proper resources to get it done.

I like to encourage pride of authorship and embracing a growth mindset for professional development through one-on-one and small group coaching and training.            

Maintaining accessibility in online teaching is about enhancing pedagogy and providing equal access to instructional materials. Applying a deliberate design and facillitation process that includes leveraging technology for greater ease and success of students with disabilities results in sustainable accessibility.

Consistently providing individual support, workshops,  multi-day trainings, and long-term mentoring networks for faculty leads to a culture shift where people accept and adopt accessibility as a bare minimum standard of quality.

I believe that addressing issues of institutional accessibility, digital workflows, and sustainable efforts to support faculty in creating and delivering accessible information can be accomplished with reasonable digitalresources, enlightened planning, and effective leadership.

Technology Development

Working directly with technology developers to provide training in assessing and addressing accessibility issues when purchasing technology eliminates most institutional accessibility issues.

I've embedded with dev teams on sprints to teach them about accessibility as a quality metric, and how to determine if digital products and tools are accessible to all individuals, and how to determine if they meet the required legal standards.

It is critical to develop procurement procedures for establishing effective standards and processes in vendor selection, product/service evaluation, and developing sustainable development roadmaps for remediating accessibility issues in existing technologies.

Raising Awareness

Speaking and training at conferences, workshops, inservices and other events about accessibility awareness and disability support services. Inspiring and motivating people to change the culture of their institution into one that is informed and actively incorporates accessibility into their work.

Helping people understand the civil rights issues of disability. Explaining the significance of legal and technological standards for accessibility as motivation to find solutions for accessibility challenges as a pride-of-authorship concern.

Professional Development

Online and in-person hands-on workshops and trainings that cover a wide range of digital workflows, assistive technologies, and sustainable practices that support accessibility and success

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