Refresh and Update

Hello world, it’s been a while since I’ve been visible online, and I’m happy to be back with a refreshed agenda! I may have been out of sight, but I’ve been keeping busy. Here’s a quick update on some of what’s been going on:

After completing my time with the California Community College system,
I have spent a bit of time attending to family and personal projects. I’ve been doing some writing and research, and getting a few new projects started. I’ll be posting soon (and more frequently) with some updates…

Looking Forward

This year I continue to focus on accessibility consulting, training and mentoring for faculty who are teaching online. I’m developing new E-learning content, and I’m making a video documentary about a little-known aspect of one of the world’s technology giants located here in the San Jose area.

I’m also making myself available for consulting, speaking, and training projects, so let me know if you need help with any of those types of activities. You can get in touch by filling out the Contact Form or email me at: info(at)

So that covers the broad strokes of what I’ve been up to and some of what I’ve got planned. I want to thank everybody who has been supportive and reaching out over the last several months, it has been an interesting time to be sure. I will be sharing more of the fun details as I make progress, and in the meantime, please let me know if you have any accessibility questions or challenges I might be able to help with.

I will be in touch!

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